Why Hiring a Wedding Coordinator is your best investment

Congratulations, you’re engaged! A BIG first step in planning your dream wedding is deciding whether you need a wedding planner (full or partial) or a day-of wedding coordinator.

Hiring a wedding coordinator or wedding planner.

You’re asking yourself, what is the difference?  Let’s break it down simply like this…

What’s the difference?

1- Wedding Planner: Ideal if you want someone to handle all the details of planning, maintaining your budget, coordinating your venue, vendors, and contracts, assist with theme and design, and be there to manage the day.  All of this is handled with your hired event professional who knows how to help you find the ideal venue and vendors who can make your wedding dream a reality. Usually, the planning begins one year out from your planned date.  The cost range is approximately $ 35% of your overall budget.

2- Wedding Coordinator: For the bride who has planned all the details themselves and needs help for the Day of.   Assisting with the rehearsal, ceremony, reception, managing vendors, and the timeline. An experienced event coordinator will work with you at least one month out from your date and take the lead in handling the vendors’ questions on setup times, venue details (like power requirements and operational needs).  The cost range is approximately 15% of your budget, but usually anywhere from $900 – $1,500

Hiring an Event Coordinator to handle the day of planning (or partial planning for that matter) is the more popular choice among couples.

Sure, you have very supportive family and friends who can help, but is it fair to them to work on the day that they’re supposed to be celebrating with you? Don’t despair; we go through the benefits of needing that support person on your big day, who really is the one that STEPS UP to help you out.

The biggest question asked of us is what services do you provide as my day-of-wedding coordinator?

Our Wedding Coordinating services include:

  • Wedding rehearsal support to practice placement, timing, and cues.
  •  On-site on your wedding day so that we can manage the details, and you enjoy your day worry-free!
  • Managing your hired vendors’ styling and setup at reception. We call them two weeks before your date to introduce ourselves and let them know we will be there the day of to support you!
  • Timeline creation and management. Sounds simple, but one of the most stressful parts of the day is making sure the timeline flows and your day runs smoothly. The timeline begins as soon as you arrive at the venue.
  • Photographer and Videographer support for key photos and locations. There will always be two of us on your wedding day. We split up duties and work hand-in-hand with the photographer to get the most important photos.
  • Coordinate and oversee cocktail hour & dinner reception while working with the photographer, caterer, and DJ/MC for cues on speeches and important moments, dances, etc.
  • Setup and arrangement of personal items such as your guest book (or guest signing item), your memorial items, your favors, toasting flutes, etc.
  • Access to a “Wedding Day Emergency Kit”

Plus more that we will go over during our initial consultation.


Are you ready to begin your planning now?  Check out our calendar of availability so that you can book a free consultation with us and find out more!


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